Cornhole Tournaments in Butte County

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Need to raise money for a fundraiser? Looking for a fun activity to bring people together? Want to attract a large group of people to your facility to buy food and drinks? Hire DFT to run a cornhole tournament. We bring the boards, handle registration, run the tournament and you get to sit back and enjoy!

Anyone Can Play, Anyone Can Win

Cornhole is a unique sport that is completely inclusive. All ages can play and can compete at a high level. With elementary-age kids all the way to seniors, we pride ourselves on our warm and inviting community. Adding a cornhole tournament to your event quickly adds a fun element while also having the added benefit of attracting competitive players extending beyond Butte County. Adding sponsor money to a tournament gives businesses and non-profits the ability to attract professional and advanced cornhole players from all around California. Schedule your cornhole tournament today!