*All Level* Weekly Cornhole Tournaments on Wednesdays

Gold Country Casino: 4020 Olive Highway

Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM

Each week we have multiple levels of play. Just starting out and trying to improve? Play in our social division. Looking for some tough competition? Try our competitive or advanced division! No Partner Needed we run “Switcholio” which you can learn about below.

Click the button below to download “Scoreholio” which is the software we use to run our events. Feeling stuck? Don’t worry, just show up 15-20 minutes early and we will help you get registered.

What is a "Round Robin Switcholio" Tournament?

We use a digital tournament app called Scoreholio to run our tournaments to be as fair as possible!

Here’s how it works:

You pre-register on the Scoreholio app. You can either click the Burgandy buttons on this page or search for the app in the app store, click “Find a Tournament” and then search “DFT”.

You’ll want to select our division for “newer” players if it’s your first time.

When you show up to the tournament you will pay us cash and then you will be randomly partnered with other players for 4 rounds. You are scored individually for each game. 

For example, if you and your partner won the first game you will receive 21 points. Your next game (with a different partner) maybe didn’t go as well… maybe you only got 10 points before the other team won. So then you receive 10 points to bring your 2-game total to 31 points.

After 4 rounds, players are ranked individually based on their total points for the 4 games. Then the top group goes to play offs.

In playoffs, you are partnered based on rank so that the teams are as even as possible. So the 1st place person is paired with the middle placed person.

Then we have a single elimination play-off (due to time constraints) and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each division win the pot!